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  • October 2023
    Evaluate cooling water pump, reduce the elevation by 50 cm to improve suction quality.
  • June – August 2023
    Design a wastewater treatment and water treatment plant based on geographical and environmental data. Calculate the equipment dimensions and estimate capital budgeting cost in the form of a Bill of Quantity (BOQ). Communicated and coordinated with other colleagues from different backgrounds (civil, environment, information technology, and electrical) to make collaborative engineering designs and solutions.
  • January 2023
    Evaluate crude oil pump elevation, ensure the oil level and pump performance within the desired range.
  • January 2023
    Evaluate vacuum pump elevation, reduce the level from 18 meter to 0 meter above ground.
  • July 2022
    Design STHE condenser in Carbonyl conversion. Optimizing compressor lifetime by reducing alcohol carryover towards STHE system.
  • July 2022
    Design PHE as preheating system of CPKO, optimizing preheating system by improving heat transfer through existing plate and heat exchanger.
  • July 2022
    Preliminary studies of STHE as preheater of glycerin system, optimizing dewatering and drying of glycerin before the fractionation.


  • October 2023 – present,
    Commission Vanillin 2.0 Ungaran Plant | PT Indesso Aroma
    Managing project commissioning, improve engineering design and P and ID, testing and calibrating equipment’s, trials, and study.
  • June – September 2023,
    Commission Crude Nicotine Plant | PT Indesso Aroma
    Creating timetables, optimizing design requirement, creating standard operational procedure, calibrating equipment, trials and study, and process plant improvement.
  • January – May 2023,
    Commission new Eugenol and Caryophyllene Fractionation Plant, | PT Indesso Aroma
    Creating plant schedules, timetables, design requirements, and trials and study, and process plant improvement.
  • October – December 2022,
    Commissioning new Essential oil Plant from Clove Leaf Oil: (Continuous CLO Plant, Washed Terpene, Crude Caryophyllene). | PT Indesso Aroma
    Conduct trials and study, developing improvement, enforce all regulations (food safety and safety health environment) towards the team members, and creating production scenario.
  • August 2022,
    Meat Floss Cooker and Grinder Commissioning, Trial, and Study | PT Mitra Usaha Prajna
    Developed Commissioning, Trial, and Study for Meat Floss Grinder and Cooker. Finding optimum time, optimum machine settings, and optimum temperature for creating meat floss with better specification. Generate the Standard Operating Procedure afterwards.
  • July 2022,
    New NiSAT Carbonyl Conversion Catalyst Replacement and Reactor Activation
    Prepare the unloading of old catalyst, loading the new catalyst, and helping the activation process of NiSAT catalyst. Hence, promotes better Reduction of Carbonyl content and stability of the reactor system also assured. Data of the reactor has been collected and analyzed.


  • April-June 2023,
    improve yield from 50% to ~53% of Caryophyllene and Eugenol Production, optimizing the caryophyllene fractionation and production yield, alongside with usable side product and residue.
  • July 2023,
    escalate yield from 1% to ~1.89% in Crude Nicotine production, reduction of lead time by 4 hours through water viscosity and NaOH content data processing.
  • March 2023,
    cost control in Utilities (Steam, Electricity) reduce cost up to 51,55%, create a visual Mapping of Utilities Cost in Indesso Baturraden, handover the data insights to Manager as decision maker.
  • December 2022,
    cost reduction in Washed terpene and caryophyllene plant by ~87% reduce Lead Time by 24 hours, reduce chemical usage and optimize the plant cost by doing adjustment in Bill of Material and Master Recipe, also with implementation in field to meet the product quality requirements.


  • July 2023,
    drain line extender for drums, developing new line extender for concentrate to drums.
  • January 2023,
    new sampling point and compressed air injection line for fractionation column, developing new position of sampling point and air injection line for ease of operational.
  • October 2022,
    new sight glass repositions and lamp replacement for Crude Terpene reactor, developing new position of sight glass and lamp visualization to determine interphase.
  • July 2022,
    troubleshoot leaking of the methyl ester column fractionation by using the Light End Methyl Ester spray. Finding the leakage of the column by using hand pump as LEME sprayer. The spraying activities performed after the pressure test using N2.
  • July 2022,
    repair the column of methyl ester fractionation and supervise the thickness measurement by Preventive maintenance. Ensuring the thickness is measured around the reboiler parts, the reparation is performed afterwards.
  • July 2022,
    Modify the skimming facility of Oil Separator and promotes zero downtime due system failure. Besides repairing the separator bund wall, the extra line of the skimming facility is created to prevent system shutdown and failure. The fat can be skimmed by using the extra line to oil skimmer pump.
  • July 2022,
    Improving Equalize Time by modify vapour line to connect the flash drum to vacuum pump. Adding extra line from vapour line to vacuum pump to reduce start-up time and reduce the difficulties of start-up, hence reduce the downtime loss and promotes faster equalize time from 30 minutes to 2 minutes. Preventing the vacuum disturbance by ensuring better stability of vacuum pressure of the distillation column.
  • October 2021,
    Improving surface area of condenser through chemical cleaning within 3 days. Led field operators to perform chemical cleaning of the condenser by using NaOH solution to maximize vacuum pressure at the pre-vacuum system
  • September 2021,
    Improving surface area of evaporator through mechanical cleaning within 3 days. Led field operators to perform mechanical cleaning of evaporators within 3 days using Hydrojet Cleaning Pump.
  • September 2021,
    avoid downtime loss of Glycerin Evaporation Plant 2-3 days by creating Bypass Line of Plate Heat Exchanger as Vacuum Condenser. Developing new bypass line for ICW and Vapor line, by creating two 4” sized pipes to avoid gasket leakage when startup. Also developing operating procedures and teaches operators to operate the Plate Heat Exchangers safely.
  • August 2021,
    plugging condenser tube to solve the leakage at condenser within 24 hours. Led operators in a one-day project to ensure no leak into the methanol phase occurred; with inspection and welding, we ensured that the condenser was ready to be used
  • August 2021,
    improving methyl ester separation in fractionation column through removing packing tray within 8 days. Organized the shutdown activities with Field Operators less than 8 days to ensure the separation process in the Methyl Ester fractionation column was running well
  • January 2021,
    Improving recovery of glycerin from bottom distillate glycerin methyl ester plant until 60% recovery. I collaborated with the Research and Development and Engineering team to conduct the project to apply lean manufacturing through waste recovery.


  • November 2023,
    Reduce coagulant consumption from 5 kg to 3 kg, creating better visual of water
  • November 2023,
    Design pH adjustment from raw water to utility water (pH adjustment)
  • November 2023,
    Pre-commissioning Boiler and testing, test structure by hydro-test of Boiler, BFW tank
  • September – October 2022
    Chemical Oxygen Demand reduction of effluent wastewater Aromatic plant through timeseries data segmenting ~ 90%


  • January-April 2023,
    Lead projects to evaluate maintenance performance, creating routine and schedule for maintenance all Plants, plus promoting better solutions
  • October 2022,
    Evaluating piston pump performance, creating presentation to evaluate Piston Pump performance, based on oil consumption and maintenance schedule.


  • August 2023,
    Employee Fee Calculator using Activity Based Cost | PT Mitra Usaha Prajna
    Reduce company labor cost by activity-based costing method, increasing profit margin up to 40%.
  • July 2023,
    COGS Calculator | PT Mitra Usaha Prajna
    Developed COGS calculator for snack industry with the multiple variable cost and different profitability case studies.
  • January 2022,
    Easy Financial Report for MSME (UMKM) | PT Mitra Usaha Prajna
    Developed comprehensive Financial Report, from General Ledger to Monthly Statement for MSME with portability to Google Sheets and Excel
  • March 2022,
    Kalkulator Abon | PT Mitra Usaha Prajna
    Developed “Kalkulator Abon” to quickly generate Production Order Bill of Materials, to facilitate better consistency of products quality
  • August 2022,
    SAP-PRAJNA (Sahabat Asik Produksi – Praktis, Ringan, Adaptif, Jelas, Nyaman, dan Aman) | PT Mitra Usaha Prajna
    Developed mini-ERP System: SAP-PRAJNA (Sahabat Asik Produksi – Praktis, Ringan, Adaptif, Jelas, Nyaman, dan Aman) , to facilitate easier Stock Monitoring, Stock consumption, and Manufacturing Cost estimator.


  • August -September 2022, Pengen Cari Duit Tambahan Buat Ngisi Dompet? Berikut 7 Cara Ala Mahasiswa Cari Duit di Internet. Eits, Gak Pake Ngepet!
    Describe about how to increase financial in digital era by the perspective of young college students. | Medium Article


YearResearch workDescription
July 2019Production of Bioadhesive by Gelatin and Citric Acid, catalyzed by PTSADeveloping patents based on bio-adhesive performance with gelatin and citric acid
July 2019Production of Bioadhesive by Chitosan and Citric Acid, catalyzed by PTSADeveloping patents based on bio-adhesive performance with chitosan and citric acid
July 2019Development of Bioadhesive through various source of protein and Citric Acid, catalyzed by PTSA and Acetic AcidDeveloping paper based on bio-adhesive performance with chitosan, gelatin and citric acid with PTSA and Citric acid Catalyst
April – July 2019Production of Tannin-based Natural Dye from Mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) Tree Bark from PT Bintuni Utama Murni Wood Industry : A Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design Summary, UGMIn this project, I conduct a study to build a new Textile colourant production plant from Mangrove Tree Bark
April – July 2019Conceptual Design of a Process Plant for the Production of Natural Dye from Merbau ( Intsia bijuga ) Bark, UGM
Develop best selection for all process equipment based on their performances and stability. Create a paper to show optimum solution of process plant of natural dye
January – March 2019Modelling of Pressure Drop in DA-451 through Ansys FLUENT, UGMCreating CAD Model, building mesh, and input boundary condition and get the interpretation based on the desired results.
October 2018 – July 2019
Preliminary Design of Hydrogen Plant from Natural Gas and Steam Through Tri-reforming Process, UGMStudy the preliminary Plant Design of Hydrogen Plant synthesized from Natural Gas and Steam
October 2018 – November 2018Synthesis of Unconventional Polymer using Benzyl Diazo Acetate Monomer Compound, Ehime University, JapanDeveloped new compound for polymerization with international fellow Laboratory.
June 2018 – September 2018Evaluation of Potential Raw Material for Industrial Scale Bioethanol Production in Indonesia, UGMConducted study of upscaling laboratory-scale bioethanol through basic engineering design approach
October 2017 – September 2018Kinetics study of Bioadhesive from Gelatin, Chitosan and Citric acid Using various catalyst, UGMIn this project, a kinetics equation to produce bio-adhesive using polymerization condensation from gelatin with citric acid and chitosan with citric acid using acid based catalyst is studied.
All research an publications (both unpublished and published)